Study Day Webinar Series

Join us every Wednesday through June as we invite USPS Executives and Industry Experts to discuss key issues affecting the postal community.


June 16 at 2pm ET

Revenues and Costs in the Retail Network

Featuring Kelly Thresher, Acting Director of Research Group at the USPS Office of the Inspector General


June 16 at 3pm ET

Understanding USPS Seamless Acceptance Assessments and How to Respond to Them

Featuring Nate Tripp, Founder and Senior Business Architect at Tripp Consulting


June 23 at 2pm ET

U.S. Postal Service: Volume, Performance, and Financial Changes Since the Onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Featuring Jill Naamane, Acting Director, Physical Infrastructure, General Accounting Office (GAO)


June 23 at 3pm ET

U.S. Postal Service's Market Dominant Price Change

Featuring Sharon Owens, VP of Pricing and Costing, USPS