Why Join PostCom?

We are often asked why the Association for Postal Commerce (PostCom) has so much influence in Washington, a question which should interest anyone with big postal bills and extensive shipping needs. Today's PostCom actually was created in the 1947 to provide a voice for business mailers in the Nation's capital. The goal then, and the goal now, is to assure that the needs of the nation's business mailing community are not overlooked or undervalued. Mail remains one of the largest businesses in the United States. Nine million jobs as well as goods and services worth $900 billion annually are tied to the mailstream.

We're credible because we have a long history of factual presentations and reasoned views. We're non-partisan, our members are active nationwide and in many cases our industry is the largest employer in a state or congressional district. But if you're not part of PostCom you're missing out. You can't get the detailed information and briefings that impact your bottom line. You can't attend the meetings where industry leaders shape policies and share ideas. There's no authoritative voice to represent your interests when dealing with government bodies. 

PostCom provides postal information to our members in many cases before it is known to the general public. We intervene on our member's behalf with the postal service to resolve issues. We attend all the postal related meetings  and respond to all postal related changes in rules, rates and regulation. Your company would have to hire lawyers and consultants to duplicate the information and access PostCom provides. Our members know that their dues are a cost effective way to stay on top of this rapidly changing industry.

Join PostCom today, join with your peers and make a difference. If mail is important to you, if postal reform and proposed rate increases will impact your organization, then protect your interests and defend your future by joining PostCom today. As a PostCom member you'll get a chance to experience first hand why we are considered one of the most authoritative spokesgroups for direct mailers around the world.

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